Closed ended bag

Closed Ended Bags

Patients who have colostomies need a colostomy bag system that consists of a wafer and the colostomy bag. The wafer is attached to the skin around the colostomy and then the colostomy bag is attached to it. Colostomy bags may be sealed or open at the bottom. Colostomy bags that have closed bottoms are typically thrown away after being used once. This type of bag is common among patients who irrigate--flush stool out of their colostomy at scheduled times--their colostomies.

Open ended bag

Open Ended Bags

Open ended colostomy bags are not discarded after one use. Instead, they are sealed with a device that can be opened and closed. This way, the bag can be opened from the bottom, emptied, cleaned and used a few more times before being discarded.

one piece bag system/ two piece bag system

One Piece Bag System

The one piece colostomy bag system does not require assembly of the wafer, also known as the skin barrier and colostomy bag. It is a system that is attached directly to the skin. This type of system can be used with an open or closed ended bag. However, when the bag needs to be changed, the entire system has to be removed from the skin. Because this system does not need any assembly, it may be ideal for patients who have hand problems, such as arthritis.


Two Piece Bag System

The two piece colostomy bag system is made of the skin barrier and the bag--which could be closed or open ended. To use this system, the skin barrier is applied first and then the bag is attached to it. The advantage of this system is that it can be used with different types of bags because the bag can be removed and changed. A small bag could be worn for activities like swimming and a closed ended bag could be used to facilitate disposal of the colostomy bag after one use only. Also, to change bags, the entire system does not have to be removed. Instead, the wafer is left on the skin while the bag is replaced.