Pouch Types.

I had already had it in my head as soon as i knew i had the polyps that i was going to have a stoma. However in an appointment with a doctor I was given some options, these are instead of the bag.


First Option and least favoured by doctors is to leave the rectum in place, cut out the large instentine and stich the small intestine to the rectum.

This sounds great right? Wrong! For me, this is not even an option. This would mean 6 monthly appointments to check the rectum for polyps and removal if needed. I have a busy life and no time for this, and if a polyp decides to form into cancer, which could be any moment i am then in a bad position!


Second option is a J pouch, as mentioned in my Diary Entry on the 30/05/18. My dad, at first favoured this over the bag. I asked him to look into it, read about it, find what people say who have had it and he (luckily) changed his mind and is going with a bag.


A J pouch is basically a fake rectum! The remove the large intestine and pull the small intestine down, with some skin they creat a pouch, which will act as a rectum. Again, sounds amazing right? Well for some this may be a better option but please read all the facts beofore saying yes!


The issues that come with a J pouch: possible incontinence, leaking feaces, needing to go 20 times a day, always feeling like you need to go, complications internally, infections, restrictions on going out/away, needing to go several time in the night and the list goes on!

And the possibility of it not working and you needing the bag any way, why put yourself though this?


see images below for the J Pouch.


And lastly, option 3 a Stoma bag.


No farting accidently when you sneeze, never having to wipe your bum again! control over when you 'empty', freedom, removal of any issues or the scary C word forming!



Swimming can be hard, not because of the bag but because of you, intamacy, again not becuase of the bag but because of you, risk of infection, taking around 20 minutes to change a bag, the bags can make sounds, the feeling of smelling, no farting!


There are more Pros and Cons im sure, but for me No more bloating, no one asking if i am pregnant, clothes fitting, no more pain, and toal freedom!


I have my worries, i would lie if i said i didnt but thanks to such huge support of my family and friends, right now i feel like i can do this!!


I would be interested in your stories, do you have a J Pouch with no issues? Do you have a stoma and have issues? is your stoma the best decision you ever made?

Let me know in the 'Get in touch' page! 

It clearly works for some people!