7 Weeks post op

Hello everyone!


It has taken me so long to update my blog. my last update was before my surgery.

I have had alot to overcome and get my head around!

I am not really sure where to start, it has been crazy!


I am 7 weeks post op and i am still recovering! Having a large amount of guts removed really takes it out of you. 


Where to start? Well lets start with my surgery and go from there.....


Being admitted- Well i was so scared. I didnt sleep well teh night before, understandably. I was at High Wycombe hospital for my surgery. 

Iwas taken to a little room where i had to put on some really tight long socks, that was a battle just getting them on. I had my blood pressure taken, it was a little high due to the nerves but i was given the all clear to be good for surgery. 


I was luckily first on the list so i didnt have to wait around and was taken down to be prepped at around 8.30AM. 


I was given a choice of an epidural before surgery or a morphone pump after surgery.

I chose the epidural. 


I was taken to another room once i had my operation gown on and was sat on a bed ready for the epidural to be put in. 


I wasnt too worried about this as i know many people have this during pregnancy, however it was a little nerving as you have a needle going into your spine!!!


once done i was told to lay down and i was hooked up to many wires. A mask was placed on my face and i was told to count to ten, I dont remember getting past 2! 




On the other side-


I woke up in the recovery unit, i was very dazed but had no pain at all. it was lovely as the recovery nurses i had were good friends, so it was nice to see friendly faces as you wake. 

I want to say i was chatty, but i cant really remeber much at this point. 

After a while my partner was aloud to come and see me (she is a nurse) She help my hand and it all felt OK. 

Once given the all clear I was taken to my room, i had a private room! Iwas so happy. 

They settled me in and it was time to recover! 



The day after-


I couldnt sleep at all the night after my surgery, I was looking at my new body trying to take it all in. I thought i had prepared myself for how I would feel after, but i dont think you will ever be prepared for something like this.

Due to the epidural I had no pain at all, well maybe a little discomort in my bum but that was all. 


The first two days were a little blurry and seemed to go by so quickly.

i had nurses coming in thoughout the day and night to give me medication, water, baths, checking on the stoma, bag empties and changes. It was all very busy!




On the third day my epidural was removed. I was fine for the first 40 minutes, and then i had reallly bad pain in my lower back. The pain from my tummy set in and i could feel the full pain in my bum. It all hit me at once. PAIN, in the hospital they always ask you to rate your pain from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain. I had always been at a 1 to 3 in pain but this day i was at a10. 

I hobbled onto my bed and cryed, the nurses were keeping an eye on my and decided a morphine pump is now needed. 

2 hours pass and i am still in the worst pain i have ever felt in my life. 

The nurses call my wife in, by the time she turns up i am being sent for an emergency CT scan to see if there was any issues with the epidural site and any issues with my spine. My catheter had also been removed, but i was unable to pee! so i had pain in my bladder too. What a disaster!


4 hours now pass, the CT scan showed no issues, i was given a mixture of pain killers and taken back to my room. My catheter has placed back in aso that relieved some pressure at least. 

I was unable to stop crying becuse of the pain and i really had had enough now. 

5 hours pass and no better. I asked my wife to call my Mum in, in my head my body would go into shock and i was going to die. (Dramatic? maybe, but that was how i felt) 

I wasnt sure how much longer i could cope. Before my mum came I was sent for an emergency MRI scan, i thought i had avoided that horrible machine! 

I was so high on multiple drugs that all i remember was the loud banging noise and tiny hole i was in, i was given headphones and i had a nurse on the other end holding my head, stroking my hair and trying to keep me calm. 


Again, the MRI showed nothing. What was wrong with me? This pain was real and i wanted it to stop! 

Even with all the drugs i was still at a 10!!!!!


Then i was given a nerve block.....after 10 hours of pain it started to subside, thank goodness! 


I was taken back to my room where my wife and my mum were waiting. 


10 solid hours of pure pain at a 10.  10 out of 10 huh!


I was really tired and finally able to feel sleepy. Joey and my mum left me to rest.


sleep came, but not for long before a check from a nurse and being hooked up to a morphine pump. 

I remained on the pump for another day and nerve block pills. 


The day after DOOMS DAY-


I started to become more mobile and was vistied by a stoma nurse to start talking about changing my bag and learning how to empty it. I could wash myself and situp out of bed and even take a little walk with the help of someone. 

I could enjoy visitors and was able to take a walk for a coffee with my mum, nan and grandad. 

Slowly i gained strength and was able to take a walk by myself. 


Day 5- 


My sergeon came to visit me, i wanted to thank him as my body was in pretty good shape and i hardly had any scars, 3 little scars was all i had, he done an amazing job! 

He was so warm and friendly too, he talked me though the surgery and answered any questions i had, which wasnt alot as my brain was still taking it all in. 

There was still no answers about why i was in so much pain, i guess my back just went into spasm and the pain relief i was given just didnt work for me.

He told me i may be able to go home in a few days, but he may see if he could get discharged on the next day, which was day 6. Staurday. 

I just wanted to go home so i was all for going home the next day. 

I was mobile and the pain was at about a 3 so it was manageable, and my wife is a nurse so i was in good hands! 


Day 6- Going home.


I was given the approval to go home, they wasnt sure of the time as i had to be given medication, which had to be signed off by a pharmasist, I was told this could take a while. I was given my breakfast and lunch choices. I was pretty gutted as all I wanted was to go home. I called my wife and she came in and waited with me. 

it was around lunch time when my huge bag of medication was given to me and i was stocked up with some Stoma supplies.

I packed up my things and headed to the car for a very uncomforable journey home.