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What just happened?

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Hannah and at some point this year I will be having my large intestine removed and a stoma fitted! 


To say this is a shock would be an understatement! 


I have a rare condition, which is hereditary called FPA, HMPS, Gardeners syndrome (all of the above) I will go into more detail of what this is to hopefully raise awareness later. 


My main aim is to show people that's it's ok, I stay upbeat by talking to people and not bottling up my feelings, after all I will need every bit of support I can get! 


I will be blogging my journey from life before a stoma and life during and after surgery. 


I have also named my stoma (cecil) 


I will be having an iliostomy, I will also cover the difference between different positions and names for this too. 


This is all still very new for me so please bear with me, I want to get all the facts correct before I post! 


Let's do this together! 

This is me (posing)



I have never been proud to show off my tummy, I spend most of my days bloated (I get asked a lot if I'm pregnant) it's a symptom of the condition I have! It's hard to find clothes to wear as I can go up 2 sizes when I bloat! 

It's a bloated kinda day!

I suffer with major bloating! This isn't as big as I can go, this is a standard day! I wear baggy clothing to hide it as I always get asked if I'm pregnant! So embarrassing!! At least now I know why!! I'm looking forward with this never happening again after my op! 

What's the difference?

The difference between an iliostomy and a colostomy

A colostomy indicates that the opening is from the colon. An ileostomy involves bringing the ileum to the abdominal surface